The Mooloolaba dining guide

Dining in Mooloolaba is an experience in itself. There is a fantastic variety of dining options for families with children, for couples who want to enjoy a lovely romantic dinner or for the person just looking to grab a quick bite while taking a break from visiting all the great attractions.

So many dining options available at Mooloolaba!

Do not be overwhelmed at all the dining options available while you are on holiday at Mooloolaba. There is a wide variety of dining choices within just a short distance from your accommodations at Raffles Mooloolaba. If your family cannot agree on one specific restaurant, it will not be a problem since there are so many dining options located close together. It is all available to you and at reasonable prices. International cuisine is popular at Mooloolaba, with choices ranging from Thai, Japanese, Greek, Chinese, Lebanese, Italian and even more international dining options, although with the Mooloolah Harbour only metres away from Mooloolaba with a great variety of seafoods available straight from the fishing trawlers to the tables of Mooloolaba’s restaurants. It’s no wonder Mooloolaba is touted as the Sunshine Coast’s ‘seafood dining district’, with the freshest seafood available on the Sunshine Coast, and quite possible even South East Queensland!

Each seafood restaurant seems to have their own signature dish so be sure to experience seafood from more than just one of the award-winning seafood restaurants.

For take-away, the kids will appreciate their favourite options while parents and couples may likely prefer Thai, Mexican or Chinese restaurant take-away. Order a quick bite or an entire meal at a small café while getting in some people-watching.

Mooloolaba dining options cater to all tastes and budgets.

Setting matters when dining

Dining at Mooloolaba is not just about having a quick meal and being on your way. The setting at every restaurant is an experience in itself. Many restaurants feature stunning ocean and beach views, and the Mooloolaba Surf Club invites you to be sure to visit and “watch the dolphins frolick in Mooloolaba Bay.” If you prefer to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and seek a more romantic, intimate setting, you have many choices of award-winning restaurants with mouth-watering cuisine to choose from.

Raffles Mooloolaba is just steps away from Mooloolaba’s best dining

Raffles Mooloolaba Apartments is the ideal holiday accommodation location. The amenities and spectacular views will make your holiday stay a memorable one. All the great restaurants are a just a short distance from Raffles Mooloolaba. You can easily walk to many of the restaurants to experience the very best in your favourite cuisine or to try a new dining experience in Mooloolaba.

Mooloolaba Beach is truly a food-lovers paradise.”

So next time you visit the Sunshine Coast, book in at Raffles at Mooloolaba, and they’ll be able to point you in the direction of a great night of dining that you’ll love.