Choosing the ideal Mooloolaba holiday apartments

The Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s most popular destinations for both international and national tourists looking for an ideal beachside holiday, as well as local visitors that just want a relaxing weekend away.

In terms of the best Sunshine Coast locations, Mooloolaba is highly regarded as one of the favourite places to stay due to it’s idyllic beachside position, as well as it’s close proximately to the Sunshine Coast’s best dining, shopping precincts and attractions.

There are over 60 main accommodation venues to choose from when visiting Mooloolaba, ranking from budget backpacker accommodation through to luxurious 5 star penthouse accommodation, and if you have never visited Mooloolaba before, knowing the right choice can be daunting.

Firstly, to ensure you are making the ideal choice when it comes to finding the ideal Mooloolaba holiday apartments you need to ask yourself what you really want or need to ensure you are comfortable with your choice in accommodations.

Is the view important?

For instance, some visitors love staying directly on the Mooloolaba Esplanade as it gives then a great view of the beach, but remember this is also the busiest part of Mooloolaba and you are exposed directly to the sea breeze, so you may find it noisier than other locations, and much busier, plus very breezy and cool in the colder months of the year.

There are many options that still provide ocean views but are not directly on the Esplanade, so you are away from the hustle and bustle, noise of the restaurants and shops, and find the breeze is much lighter as it is more sheltered.

You’ll also find that getting a parking spot is much easier if not directly on the main street.

Price vs spaciousness

When it comes to vacation time, most of us never really allow enough budget for the holiday, especially when you factor in airfares or fuel, food, entertainment, attractions and more. While we can’t change the fact that we need to pay to get to a location, we do want to ensure we have money to actually enjoy ourselves, and ensuring the accommodation are suited for your needs but also affordable is important if you want to still enjoy yourself.

Having that million dollar view on the beachfront will also add to the cost, and the more luxurious and spacious the accommodation usually means it’s also going to cost you more.

Review how much space you really need, if it needs to be self contained or not, keeping in mind a self contained holiday apartment can actually safe you money especially if you have a family to feed. If it has it’s own laundry and undercover parking then there is more money saved.

If views aren’t terribly important you can always ask the accommodation venue if you can have a more cost effective apartment by being on a lower floor, or alternatively opt for a lower floor for a number of nights and then live it up in the penthouse apartment for the remaining nights rather than the full length of your stay.

You’ll find saving on your Mooloolaba accommodation can add more spending money for a more enjoyable holiday.

Age vs Beauty

Choosing a holiday apartment from the internet or a brochure can be hit or miss. Sometimes it can look amazing on the internet but turns out to be a dive when you arrive.

One thing to keep in mind in Mooloolaba is that many of the holiday apartment complexes in Mooloolaba on the main Esplanade are older than some of the ones in the streets adjacent to it, so if you are looking for a more modern apartment, including more modern furnishing, possibly newer bedding, appliances etc, you may want to consider the age of the apartments and their location. After looking online, before you book maybe call the venue and ask them a few questions regarding the age of their accommodations.


While Mooloolaba is an ideal holiday location, in peak holiday season the main roads can get a little busy, so consider the location of your apartments in relation to the main roads. Many of the major holiday apartments along the Mooloolaba Esplanade offer limited or no visitor parking outside their front entrance, with the parking via the street behind, which can be tricky to get out of. Choosing an accommodation venue just a minute away from the main central hub of Mooloolaba can provide you with a lot more visitor parking and easy access for when guests drop in to visit you, rather than having to walk a mile!

So when you are planning a holiday at Mooloolaba Beach, ensure you select the right accommodation that suits your needs and budget, and you’ll be sure to have a great beachside holiday you’ll remember for years to come!